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Who We Are

Sustainable Agronomics-initiative Organization (SAO) is a non-governmental organization registered under NGOs act, 2002. SAO was founded by graduates who pursued Bachelor of Science in Agricultural and Natural Resources Economics and Business from University of Dar es salaam the class of 2016/19. SAO is dedicated to improve the agricultural productive capacity of smallholder farmers as well as the markets for their products so as to upgrade their production in return obtain fair price of their agro-products.

SAO believes that the welfare of the majority of agricultural dependent families in Tanzania will be improved only if the effective measures will be taken to improve agricultural productivity among smallholder farmers and marketing of their produce, thus promote growth of agriculture sector in the country.

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Our Mission

“Strengthening smallholders’ farming capacity and promote marketing of agricultural products in Tanzania”.

Our Vision

“Sustainable production and marketing of agricultural products in Tanzania.”

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Our Objectives

Main Objective

• Promote agricultural productivity and marketing of agro-products among smallholder farmers.

Specific Objective

• Promote linkage between farmers and business institutions so as to access market for agricultural products.

• Promote productive capacity of smallholder farmers in Tanzania.

• Promote youths and women engagement in agricultural sector.

• Promote awareness among smallholder farmers on sustainable agricultural productions.

• Promote modern farming practice.

• Promote farmers’ participation and formulation of farmers’ groups for easy accessibility of market for their agro-products.

• Promoting yearly farming among smallholder farmers in Tanzania through supporting irrigation farming.

• Promote habit of record keeping among smallholder farmers so as to facilitate future evaluation and analysis on their production and marketing performance.

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What We Do

• Providing training and capacity building on modern agricultural practices (agronomic practices, record keeping, grading, standardization and branding of agricultural products).

• Providing technical support and consultation through soil testing and installation of irrigation systems among smallholder farmers in Tanzania.

• Influencing, supporting and mobilizing youths’ participation and engagement in agricultural sector.

• Community mobilization and sensitization in agricultural productivity and mindset transformation among smallholder farmers in understanding the potentials and economic opportunities available in agricultural sector.

• Outsourcing market for agricultural products produced by smallholder farmers and creating the linkage between smallholder farmers and business institutions.

• Promoting and advertising smallholder farmers’ produce through mass media, social networks and exhibitions like “Nanenane Exhibitions” so as to expand market for their agro-products.

• Conducting crop census among the groups of smallholder farmers so at to determine agro-products available for marketing.

• Registration of targeted beneficiaries (smallholder farmers) and also mobilizing them to form the groups in order to assess their performance basing on their groups.

• Monitoring, supervising, reporting and evaluating agricultural productivity performance among smallholder farmers.

• Alliance building, networking and partnership between SAO and other stakeholders to advocate on issues of smallholder farmers’ interests (agricultural productivity and income growth).

• Facilitating mainstreaming of cross cutting issues such as HIV/AIDS, gender equity, environment and climate change into SAO activities through sensitization meetings and workshops for awareness creation.

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